About Us

For everyone who wants to please God and succeed, True Vine Resource Ministry is a non-denominational ministry that helps you to fulfill your mission on earth in a very big way. Unlike professional human instructors, we connects you with the most-powerful force in the universe which guarantees success.

We exist as individual and ministry to teach people the way to serve God and show them the way to His side. We believe that God did not create anyone without a purpose. He created man because He needed him to carry out an assignment for Him. Cooperating with God to fulfill that assignment is the most effective way to serve God.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to have a highly impactful ministry that sets the pace in effective Kingdom Service (both to God and humanity) and that have millions of loyal and committed disciples all over the world.


  • Aggressive outreach through the use of all forms of media (invented and yet to be invented) to promote our goal
  • Regular teaching of the word
  • Targeting at least 1 million committed disciples worldwide by year 2028

Our philosophy;

Raising a people who serve God acceptably and effectively from generation to generation